Tuesday, July 28, 2009

collection of firsts

I don't know exact dates but since we've been here in Cali, Hailey has had a collection of first (or completions of first; as you know babies take a while to master some things!!). To list them for you, in no particular order, is me...mommy!
  • sitting up
  • sleeping un-swaddled
  • going to sleep still awake
  • reaching for grown up food
  • holds her bottle (started practicing that in Texas)
  • eating 3 meals a day
  • rolling over on purpose
  • grabbing and holding her feet and toes
  • cutting tooth (right side/bottom gum)
  • putting pacifier in her own mouth
  • reached out to be held by someone (not mommy....auntie mandie!!!)
  • spent the night without mommy (and with aunt laurie)
  • sleeping through the night! 7pm - 7am
  • went on a carousel ride
  • swam in a floaty all by yourself (we were close by though)
  • kicks her feet in the pool
  • went to sea port village
  • dropped daddy off at the airport

So many new things happening everyday...it's just so hard to keep track of it all. Please don't grow up too soon Doll Baby! xoxoxoxoox Mommy and Daddy

That's all for now...but you will be updated soon!

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