Sunday, August 2, 2009

shoes shoes shoes!

We had a very girly photoshoot today!! Auntie Court came over and brought some of her nicest shoes!! Hailey actually loved every minute of this shoot and so will you!! Enjoy!!


  1. Since no one ever comments on the blog...I decided that I will! Nice job, those pics are so cute! Did you steal that idea from a similac ad? Why yes I did! ;-) Ta Ta for Now!

  2. I LOVE the pictures... and I was planning on commenting even before I read what you wrote :) I love the little shoes Hailey has on!!! Those are absolutly adorable! Love you guys... hope we can see you all soon!

  3. lol i never comment because if i commented as much as i WANT to, you'd have too many!!

    PLEASE keep posting!! I have the blog (and kai's) on my RSS feed and check it everyday for both of your new posts!

    also, is she still too tiny for those glittery pink shoes I got her? I want some of my own, for real. SO cute!!

    Thanks for these pictures! Baby shoes are my favorite! My mom and Daniel always joke that our kids are going to have a bunch of shoes but no clothes because that's what I'll spend all the money on haha!

  4. ahhhh Jme you must give us time to comment young grasshopper. lol. These are adorable.