Friday, June 19, 2009

Cereal #2

Hailey getting ready for the big meal...

Just like her mama, a control freak!


Beautiful beautiful beautiful baby!

This little girl has been eyeing my lunch for the last couple of days! She reaches out and tries to take my fork, my plate, and even my cup! So I asked the doc today if we could introduce rice cereal, and she said yes! Hailey was sooo excited! She ate the WHOLE bowl of cereal without throwing up anything...and if you know Hailey that is quite an accomplishment!


Hailey meeys her boy, Bubba!
He's yucky...
Or maybe...He's lovely!

Tongue up the nose!

Bubba has been the baby of the family for a long time! So Hailey's sudden appearance was hard on him. We figure (and secretly hope) that the love Hailey will shower on him real soon will make up for all the neglect we put on him...hopefully!

Ice Cubes

Hailey trying her first Ice cream...Ice cube...but don't tell her they're not the same! ;-)
I love how her face turns red from the coldness!!!

But she doesn't care.....

Get some!

It's pool time!

Hailey's first time in the pool!
Mommy holding her tight...

Look at that face!

chillin' with all her floaty toys

Hailey playin' with her hippo, shark and baby buluga toys!

sporting her cute new bathing suit!

Mommy and Me in the pool!!!


Hailey's going to kill me...

Like I said, Hailey's going to kill me!

Gram's 50th

Last weekend was Gram's 50th birthday! John planned a family party, so we went to Kemah to celebrate. It was really hot, but really fun. For all the family out of Texas, Kemah is like Sea Port Village in San Diego. The neatest part about heading out there was that the whole place was destroyed by Hurricane Ike; the restaurant we ate at had 12 feet of water inside from the hurricane! You'd never know it though. It was completely rebuilt and beautiful.

Gram's Red Hat 50th Birthday!

I can't wear pink everyday

You know, I really thought we were having a boy. I mean I actually bought a couple of things in boy colors because I was so sure! A big part of my fear of having a girl was the color PINK. I am obviously over that fear, but when I saw this shirt we had to have it!

What a smile!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Milillos go to North Carolina

Restin' up before his big trip!
Since Hailey gets up at the crack of dawn, we decided to head out to see our bestest friends off on their annual trip to North Carolina!

Yup, Hailey was up packing the suit case and ironing the clothes while her man Malachi was sleeping in...a glimpse of the future?!? Ha Ha!!

Mommy cut her HAIR!!!

Pre-cut length...

All those luscious locks!

The Final Cut!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Having a mom as a photographer is a snap for Miss Hailey Renee!
She can be funny...



and all around cute!
She wanted to pose with the diamonds...I tried to tell her it might be a little over the top, but there's no reasoning with this baby! She knows what she wants! :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finger lickin' good!

Who needs thumbs...or one of the 700 pacifiers mom and dad bought me...when I have all 4 of my fingers to stick in my mouth!

BFF Beth

Since most of my family cannot be here, I thought I should introduce you (via email) to Hailey's BFF Beth! Beth watches Hailey for me everyday and is a wonderful woman of God! Thank you for loving on Hailey!!

Some serious snuggle time!

Cinco de Mayo

How Hailey spent her Cinco de Mayo!
She was very excited about her friend Icyle being born!!
Congrats Chris, Amber, and Wyatt Hughes!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


I know it's a little late for Easter pics, but these were so cute I couldn't pass them up!
The actors of this production (all portraying themselves) are
Hailey Anderson, Malachi Milillo, and Drew Nordlander.

I love the look on Hailey's face..."I'm with him...I think!"

Hands off my woman!