Monday, September 28, 2009

Reach for the...

Be to the Utiful!

Nothing to say but...Beautiful!

Cruisin' with my homies

Hailey and Camryn were jonesing to get out of the house the other. So, they packed up a pic nic of strawberry apple puffs, some milk and water and went cruisin'. They took the all terrain radio flyer wagon out for a spin and were crazy happy about it! I know it sounds irresponsible to let them chilax (chill and relax) like that, but they are getting so big that I don't want to stiffle them by keeping them pent up in the house! ;-) They both enjoyed watching the trees sway and the clouds move as we walked through the neighborhood. I even saw them flirting with some boy babies from down the street. Crazy girls!!

Getting old...

Hey everyone! Seeing as babies change almost daily at this age, it's high time that I send some pics of the Button...the Bug....the Hail Bop (not the crazy peps, the comet!)...the Hailey Rocket (as daddy calls her, and I should point out that preseason starts in 8 days!!!)...the cutest baby in the world, Hailey! She got some shoes from her Auntie Mandie before she was born and the other day she was just dying to try them on. She's still a tad young for them, but what the hey! Get it? Hey!! As in Hailey! ;-) Dork I know!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jason Pollock

I know how much y'all love learing about cool websites that I find through out my journey of blogging. So I thought it was time to update you with something pretty sweet. As an artist I love finding things that create beauty...without the mess! I know it's high time for me to get over my mess thing, with Hailey learning to do new things everyday, because soon enough Hailey will be wanting to scrapbook, sew, and create! Messes will be a part of that I guess! So enjoy this clean design!!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Start splattering. Double click to change the color. If you like what you've created press [Ctrl] and [Print Scrn] and then paste it in word. To change the format of your picture copy and paste it into paint then save it. Paint automatically changes the format to JPEG. Enjoy friends!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Bath time is one of my favorite times with Hailey...not sure why, but I love it. Perhaps it's because she comes out looking so fresh and so clean clean.
Here are some pics of bath time with daddy!!
That's garden vegetables on her face by the way...Daddy fed her AND bathed her that night! Which explains the veggies up the nose, on the eyebrows, and all over the face in general! ;-)

Like mama like baby!

Smell it....Taste it....Love it....Hate it!!

I love sour stuff...and when I first got pregnant I would eat lemons and limes with salt...Probably why my girl wants to try 'em! ;-)
I was making hamburgers for dinner the other night and I like to sprinkle them with lemon. Hailey saw the lemon and got kind of I let her try it!!

Cell Phone Crazy

Woman get off that phone!!
I love talking mobile to mobile with my bff Hailey!

How you doin'?

I love cell phones! They taste soooo good!

I would like to introduce to you Boston, Hailey and Camryn! They are the rat pack that hangs at Beth's house everyday. Apparently they went in together on a family plan with Verizon so they could talk for free...whatev! Kids these days!!

Free Chic-fil-A

Dress up in a sport's jersey and get a free sandwhich...DONE and DONER!! Hailey got one too! Score for having a cute kid!!! ;-)

Copy Cat

This was the same day as Hailey's pic, but about an hour later!

I almost peed my pants laughing when I walked in the room!!

Special Delivery

I just walked in and she was in the box...sort of...I might have put her in it! ;-)


I will bribe you with diamonds if you come...
Time for the Flawless Masquerade Fairy...LOVE IT!!

Sharing is caring!

"Let me tell you a little something about sharing...It goes like this...Nice huh? Oh, I know!"


Now who is narrating this no one knows, but it certainly is fun to watch!


So I was arriving at Beth's house the other day, and for those of you who know me you know that the minute the bell rings at school I am at Beth's house, and there was Johnathan.

Seeing him at her house so early was weird, so I asked him what was up. He said he had to help out at a football game and he was going to take Cammi! I couldn't have that, seeing as she is a lady and would need to be indoors on that super hot day, so we invited her over to play!!

It was so much fun watching the two girls play together. Camryn is 3 months older than Hailey and is much more mobile, so it was interesting to see what I need to change in the house before Hailey can crawl! I noticed the Willow Tree I have on the book shelf, the candles on the table, the glass bowl I fill with candy...among other things!! It was good to have her around. I will be much more prepared for Hailey to crawl now!

It was also super fun to watch them play together. I was especially proud of myself for answering the door when Jana got there with NO BABIES in my arms! I had two babies and both were having fun with each other! It was the most I have been able to put Hailey down after school ever!!

We really enjoy having Cami over!! And her mama too!!

Mama's lesson

On Saturday August 23 we had to make a special visit to mommy's classroom! Yeah I wasn't ready to start the school year, so as a trade for taking their maternity pictures, I convinced Matt and Courtney they had to come to my class and help me hang posters and organize desks! John had to come as collateral damage...his wife...he has to help! Hailey was such a big help that she passed out...not too different from my students I might add!

Matt and Courtney reminiscing about how school used to be! ;-)

Hailey telling daddy that she's a big girl and can walk to class by herself!

NOT! You know John will be driving behind the school bus the whole way on Hailey's first day of school...!