Friday, September 18, 2009

Jason Pollock

I know how much y'all love learing about cool websites that I find through out my journey of blogging. So I thought it was time to update you with something pretty sweet. As an artist I love finding things that create beauty...without the mess! I know it's high time for me to get over my mess thing, with Hailey learning to do new things everyday, because soon enough Hailey will be wanting to scrapbook, sew, and create! Messes will be a part of that I guess! So enjoy this clean design!!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Start splattering. Double click to change the color. If you like what you've created press [Ctrl] and [Print Scrn] and then paste it in word. To change the format of your picture copy and paste it into paint then save it. Paint automatically changes the format to JPEG. Enjoy friends!!


  1. That is so odd! I copied and pasted the link from the website I was using!! Trying googling it if you want to play with it. ;-)

  2. I did google. maybe because im on a mac??