Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting old...

Hey everyone! Seeing as babies change almost daily at this age, it's high time that I send some pics of the Button...the Bug....the Hail Bop (not the crazy peps, the comet!)...the Hailey Rocket (as daddy calls her, and I should point out that preseason starts in 8 days!!!)...the cutest baby in the world, Hailey! She got some shoes from her Auntie Mandie before she was born and the other day she was just dying to try them on. She's still a tad young for them, but what the hey! Get it? Hey!! As in Hailey! ;-) Dork I know!!!

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  1. those pink glittery ones i got her don't fit yet do they? i love them! I want some of my own!