Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daddys First Father's Day

John celebrated his first father's day this year! Yeah for having babies!! The super special thing about it though, was I got to celebrate father's day with my dad this year too. I thought for a father's day gift I would recount some of my best memories with him here on our blog. Maybe someday Hailey can do the same thing for her daddy.
1. I remember you carrying me from the car to my bed when I would fall asleep on the road. I think I remember faking sleep a couple of times so you'd carry me!
2. I remember going out on the boat to fish. I think the fish were "trash" fish so we never got to eat them...
3. I remember getting the winter Barbie doll for Christmas in 1990. It was ALL I wanted and you got it for me. Speaking of Christmas I also remember the year I asked for all boy things. I got that too! Guns and military hats and camo...apparently I wanted to play with the boys that year!
4. I remember my custom made water bed! What What! It was soooo sweet! How many elementary kids can say that!
5. I remember rebuilding the laundry room and bathroom in the house in Buena Park. I think that experience is what drives me to fix our house when things break. It's also what makes me want to renovate the house...John won't let me! ;-)

That's all for now, tune in later for me yackidy yackidy!

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