Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teaching new babies old tricks!

Much to the dislike, or disbelief of many Texans, California is good for the soul! Hailey has blossomed into such a fine young lady. Since we arrived she has blown the minds of many with her new and improved baby skills. She is now eating three square meals a day of solid food...last night the poor thing had squash applesauce! Waste not, want not I always say! I had a little extra squash left over from lunch, lol! With that hardy appetite has also come a need for extreme baby sports, like swimming (by herself), sitting up (also by herself!!!), and reaching out for people to hold her (or she's just using us to sit up...hmmm), and finally, she is rolling over constantly (watch out, she might just roll on back to y'all!). I am attaching some pictures for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy the update...and don't be sad Texas, this genius of a baby is coming back; you can still claim her as the product of your up bringing!

Hailey bridge is falling down, falling down falling down!

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  1. She will be coming back if you can find her before your plane leaves......