Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just for Aunt Laurie's not Halloween. It's dalmation appreciation day! Yes, there's a story behind this picture...want me to tell ya? Back when I was in high school, aunt Laurie dressed my baby cousin up as a dalmation...but it didn't stop there did it? If you know her you know the answer to that question is NO! She made me (17) and Mandie (10) dress up like them too! How crazy is that? I begged and pleaded, "Please don't make me...ok fine I'll wear the clothes, but not the ears...ok I will wear the ears." She got us and she got us good! Secretly though, I love that I have that experience with my family. It's a fond memory that I will keep close to my heart forever...

Here is Hailey's version of the dalmation dog outfit...I didn't dress up this time...or did I???
This is another collage of pictures for aunt Laurie (and Uncle OOK). She bought me this outfit for Hailey. Apparently aunt Laurie cares not for Texas football and wants to make sure Hailey gets cheering for the best team right from the start! Go Chargers! Don't tell John I said that! How sad...he won't even know what I wrote on our family blog! lol sucka!

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