Thursday, July 9, 2009

What do you think?

Amber Fusca and I were having a discussion about the pros and cons of 3-D ultrasounds. Whether they were necessary or not, and why people would do them. I have to say I am one of the people who got sucked into the twilight zone of pre birth baby pictures. I enjoyed and greatly appreciated the chance to see my baby one extra time, and to "see" what she looked like.
But that's the question isn't it? Did I really see my baby, or was it just a pre-recorded recording of a 3-D ultrasound? Conspiracy Theorist, I know!
To get your vote I am posting some of the ultrasound pics next to some real pictures of Hailey.
I give the decide! ;-)
What do you think, worth it? Do they look similar?


  1. that is totally your baby girl. at least i think so! =) hehe!

    and thank you for the info!! I'm so excited! i usually use photoshop and do my own stuff like this, but templates make it easyy!

  2. I think they are worth it. Every baby I have seen with a 3d ultrasound (at the right time I should mention, not before 28 weeks) looks the same when they come out. It is such a cool experience to see what your little munchkin looks like plus, I think it helps the dad connect a lil bit more since they can't feel all the things we feel while pregnant. It becomes more real to them.....