Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Mandie Michelle Kelly, 19 years old

I am doing a senior portrait shoot out here in a couple of days, so to practice I asked my cousin Mandie to come out and work with me, "just for fun". Then I started shooting with her and I realized, "Man I have a great model to work with!" So she ended up having to walk around my aunt's whole house posing. Stand here, work it, turn your head, hunch your shoulders, stick it out, etc! She was such a great sport, and the pictures turned out GORGEOUS! My model cousin Mandie!!!

Jacob Patrick Kelly, 9 years old

So, Jacob was just as cute and just as fun to work with! He had no problem jumping off of rocks, flexing his muscles and thinking about ice cream and cookies! What a handsome young man my little cousin has turned out to be!

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