Friday, January 15, 2010


So the Rocket's Teacher of the Year just keeps getting better and better!! The company that hosts' the event, Devon Energy, somehow got a hold of my personal blog and read it! Apparently, they were so impressed with what I had to say that they...INVITED US INTO THE DEVON ENERGY SUITE FOR THE GAME!! So not only do I get floor tickets but I get to go into a suite too!! UNBELIEVABLE!! The game is scheduled for March 25 against the LA Clippers!! I know a Cali team!! Unfortunately, none of the Rocket's games are nationally televised so you won't be able to watch it out west.

A bit of Rocket’s history for you too…did you know the Rockets were originally a team out of San Diego?? I know, crazy! When my students say, “Why are you such a Rocket’s fan? You’re not even from here!” I promptly reply, “Ah ha! Bet you didn’t know the Rockets were originally from San Diego (where I am from). They played there from 1967-1971!” Normally they just stare at me like I am crazy! And maybe I am…

Now here is some more trivia for ya…The San Diego franchise nickname became the "Rockets" due to the local development (General Dynamics) of the famed Atlas missile/booster rocket program. The franchise became the first NBA team in Texas, and the team's name kept its relevance even after the move (because of NASA for those of you who don’t know much about Houston!) Thanks to Wikipedia for giving up some of this information!floor tickets, but I get to go into a suite too!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!t floor tickets, but I get to go into a suite too!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!

Thanks again for all of your prayers! This has really made my year! 2010 has been great so far!!

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  1. Hey Jamie this is Melanie, Witt's mom. Thank you so much for your comment and all of your students comments. Please tell them that I read each one of them and what they wrote brought a smile to my face!! Thats amazing about the can tabs. Austan and I are always grateful for any help. O and that Hailey is so cute! Malachi is going to be a lucky boy ha! Thanks for the continued prayers.