Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random Phone Updates

I normally go NO WHERE without my camera...but in the catastrophic event that I leave it at home, my camera phone always has my back! Here are some super cute/funny/sleepy/all around adorable pictures of my baby girl!
She LOVES to read! This is her at her bookshelf in her room
Smile if you're literate!

I have never seen Hailey take so fast to a toy as she has to this dolly. Hailey LOVES her dolly so much that I think I might have to buy another one for just in case something happens to her. It makes my heart melt watching her love on a baby like she does to her dolly.

This is literally a cloud in the shape of a "j" in the sky! We were at Jonathan and Jana's house which made it even weirder...
John, Jamie, Jonathan, & Jana made a "j" in the sky!


Another reading is fun poster!

Hailey is NOT allowed to stand in the we compromise, she can kneel.

Sorry baby, but that pouty face was WAY too cute not to photograph!

smiley in the tubby!
LOVE it! Hailey's first freeze.

Look at those darling eyes...begging me to take her out of the carseat! ;)

Crazy hair at Mrs. Beth's house!!

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