Saturday, October 16, 2010


Life around here has been pretty blessed. John and I have been getting along great! Hailey is learning how to share with her new friend Kadence Lorelei (Mommy's friend Nydia brings her over everyday to be watched at our house by our new sitter Laci) and Hailey can even say Caleigh (pronounced cali). It may sound a bit like Daleigh, but at least she is trying. We tell her everyday that she has a little sister coming soon and she points to my belly and says, "Baby!" She likes to go in Caleigh's room and put her dolly in the baby swing. She points to the bed and says, "Shh, ni night." I think she is going to be a great helper. She helps mommy fold laundry and loves to do the dishes, so I am super excited about how she can help when Caleigh does get here. :)

On a little bit more serious note, the biggest concern for our family right now is that I have been having braxton hicks contractions (the doc says they are not "real" contractions, but tell that to my uterus when I am walking down the hall and have to double over because of the tightness and pain) for several weeks now. The doctors have recommended I drink LOTS of fluid (a gallon of water a day) and take limited duty at work. What all that means is, I have to pee a lot, which doesn't sound like limited duty to me, and I can't walk around like teachers do. I am stuck sitting in a student desk for the remainder of the pregnancy, or for as long as I will fit in one! I am currently 27 weeks, which is exciting because at the end of this week we will be in the third trimester, and due January 18, 2011. Our prayer for the moment is that Caleigh will remain comfy and safe until at the very least January 15, so she can be born on the same day at Hailey. As you may know, John and Matt were both born on the 14th and Michael and I were both born on the 28th, so it would be super cool if Hailey and Caleigh could be born on the 15th. :)

The last bit of news is that John is currently back in school getting his Master's Certificate in Lean Six Sigma. He has already received his green belt (bring on the karate jokes) and will be receiving his black belt in December (remember those karate jokes? who's laughing now? ;-). I just want him to know how proud I am of him. There is no way my brain could have any more room for schooling at this point, so I don't know how he does it! A Bachelor's degree and now a Master's Cert, all in the last 2 years! You go boy! ;-)

We love you all long time,
The Andersons

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