Monday, September 27, 2010

Paying off debt...stop giving?

Dave Ramsey:
The Great Misunderstanding, Stop Giving?

"Be generous! Give to those you love. Give to those who love you. Give to the fortunate. Give to the unfortunate - yes, give especially to those you don't want to give. You will receive abundance for your giving. The more you give, the more you will have!" - W. Clement Stone

Nearly every day callers to "The Dave Ramsey Show" ask Dave, "If I’m still in debt, should I stop giving to my church or charitable organizations?"

For Christians and practicing Jews, this is a slightly more complicated situation because the Bible and the Torah instruct believers to give at least 10% of their income to the church. There are many people who simply want to be able to give whether they attend church or not, but they don’t feel they can afford it while they’re working the debt snowball.

In this situation, Dave offers some very sound and simple advice: give.

While it may be tough during the rice-and-beans, debt-dumping days of Baby Step 2, Dave says that even if it’s not much, don’t worry. It’s not about the amount or what it does for the organization to which you give. It’s about what it does to you, deep down inside.

You’ll be happier, healthier, and you’ll get so much more out of life when you intentionally and regularly give. Plus, continuing to give during the financially dry spells will solidify in you a spirit of generosity that will carry over when you’re cup is overflowing!

Whether you give to your church, your synagogue, or a charitable organization, just give. And even if you’re working the debt snowball, just stick to your budget and you’ll be in good shape.
There are three things to do with money: spend, save and give. You have to spend in order to have the things you need to live and should save in order to secure your family’s future. But there’s something special about giving, something about the way it refreshes your heart and helps you see what is most important. No matter the amount or the recipient, just give.

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  1. I LOVE the new blog! And I loveeeee you guys! Heck, throw in Dave Ramsey too! As of two weeks ago Daniel and I are debt freeeeee too! (Well - cheating a little. We're not counting student loans -yet. Just don't have the income to hack those out yet..) DR has been SO amazing in our finances and in our relationship. We've gotten a lot closer because of it actually.

    But anywayssss - just last night I was updating my RSS feed reader that gets all the blogs I follow and saw yours and I was like "aww, maybe they gave up on blogging??" but then I saw this today!!!! :) SUPER HAPPY!

    Butttttt also - I need your email address. I have a question! Well, a few. :)

    last thing - I have a new blog, too! well, a website?

    ILY guys!!!!! <3