Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Why Cake

Before I could make Hailey's birthday cake I googled "Super Why Cake". I only found one site worth looking at, and she was kind enough to give some instructions on how she made her Super Why cake. So I thought I would return the kindness. Here is my version of Hailey's Super Why birthday cake!!

I started with a 6" x 4" round cake pan. I cut the cake into thirds and frosted the center with fudge frosting.

Then I used white frosting, a dollup of fudge frosting, 3 drops of red and 6 drops of yellow food coloring to achieve the "Super Why" skin coloring.

To smooth out the frosting I used my finger and a little bit of water.

I outlined each element with a toothpick and then filled in the outline using the same toothpick!

Waaaaaaaa-Laaaaaaaa! Super Why and the Super Readers, yeah!!!


  1. Superb decoration!My nephew really likes Whyaat and the Super readers.Nice post and i would try this in the future with the help of your referred site.

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  2. You have such creative, fun ideas for your children parties! This cake is cute and looks yummy..;p Super Why Party Supplies