Monday, February 7, 2011

Princess Presto Cake

Here is the play by play (since I made her on Super Bowl Sunday) of Princess Presto!
Cake: chocolate fudge
Frosting: caramel

To get Princess' fabulous "bump" I took 2 paper plates and cut out the general shape. Then I hot glued them together with 2 1/2 skewers glued inside. Make sure to keep the waxie side of the plates are facing out so the frosting won't soak into the plate. Coat the bump in frosting on both sides and stick into the cake as far as you can without damaging the bump. Then continue freezing till both are frozen. Freezing the bump made it a whole lot easier to insert all the way into the cake.

Then I just added more hair to give her bangs. I used the same circular objects as I did on Whyatt so their eyes would be the same size and I free handed the lips. Oh the far the hardest thing I have done so far. Lips are not easy to get just right. I am still not sure I am thrilled with them. To get the color though, I first made a pink mixture, but when held up next to Princess wasn't quite right. So I ultimately added red and brown until I got the color pictured here.

Waaaaaaa-Laaaaaa Princess Presto to the rescue!

She needs some smoothing out, but that works so much better when they're frozen.

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