Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well the situation isn't all that hillarious...3 babies at my house all day on Thursday! Mrs. Beth is going to see a taping of Dancing with the Stars this week. So to help out, all of moms are taking a day off to watch teh kidlets! I'm not that scared, but it is a slightly daunting task. I don't know how Beth does it day in and day out! In order to hlep us with the babies Beth sent us schedules with what each baby does through out a typical day. Thanks for that but the real treat was the picture she attached...I thought y'all would enjoy it so I am attaching it for you! Enjoy!!

Camryn is closest, Boston is in the middle, and Hailey is in the back...AWESOME!!


  1. Boston is looking like a player, sandwiched between the ladies!

  2. What a great picture! And what a talented lady you have watching Hailey!!!