Friday, October 23, 2009

Bath Time #2

Yup, she's drinking the bath water!

Speaking of mohawks...Hailey just had to try a special thanks goes out to Malachi, the inspiration behind this fro'hawk!

So this is literally how Hailey learned to crawl. I think she was afraid to try out of the tub because crawling can be a scary thing. You know there's all the coordinating that has to take place between the arms and legs. And then there's that whole pesky face/floor thing! So she learned how to crawl in the tub and then took to exploring the open floor!

Check out that booty! :-)


  1. I love ALL the pictures you finally put up!!! She is getting SO big and Crawling!!!! That is so exciting! Wish we could see you all more... but... by the time we do see you guys Icyle will be crawling and her and Hailey will have a blast together! Love you all!!!