Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shaky Mc Shakerton

That's my new nickname. Shaky Mc Shakerton. The medicine they put me on to stop the contractions has made me EXTREMELY shaky. Not like full body, arms flailing kind of shaking, just constant tremors in my hands and arms, feet and legs, and most annoying my jaw. It makes my heart beat a little faster too, but that's not nearly as disturbing as the tremors. I know that in the end this is all worth it, to have Caleigh come later, so I am trying to keep a positive attitude. Although, when I spill the milk because of the shaking, I do want to cry a little.

Please pray family, that things will go as God has planned. I believe that this was known by Him before it even became a problem, so I know He has us in His hands. I also believe that this is the reason I felt so strongly about going back to work when I found out I was pregnant. If I had stayed home to watch my friends' kids I would be really struggling to find someone else to watch them right now, and it would NOT be good. As God would have it though, I now have paid disability and great insurance, so all of the testing that had to be done Tuesday was free and we can rest easy knowing that I will eventually be paid by disability for this bed rest.

I love you all long time and thank you for all of the prayers. Now that I have some free time I will do better about updating you on our family's progress, especially Caleigh's.

Love you long time,

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